Friday, December 30, 2011

Texas Authors You Should Check Out!

Kind Mike by Michael O'Connor

"Kind Mike" my Life on The Street is a True life adventure story. It is written in short chapter, journal form for your easy, enjoyable and hopefully exciting reading. As you can see from the cover we visited my old home on The Street for a photo session. Yes, that is me on the cover, May 2011. I am standing on the island in the middle of Buffalo Speedway, with my red cap on, like I did for all those mornings selling the Houston Post newspapers, gazing at the top of beautiful Phoenix Towers. Although for the last 15 years I have lived only 40 blocks from my street home area I have not really visited there but once. I can tell you one thing for sure, it isn't fun to go back. I am full of Gratefulness I don't live out there anymore. But so many things came to my mind, my dog Dot, my really close newspaper customers and singing under the underpass with my friends. There was really a deep sadness. Yes, it was quite an emotional visit for me. The Denny's and Rodeway Inn are now gone, a Comerica Bank is there now. The field behind the Exxon with the Oak tree is now a condominium complex. The alcove where old man Billy and I stayed is torn down, the field where my lean to was set up is now a Chase Bank. I guess the old saying, "You can't go back home", holds true even if that home was The Street. Have you ever wondered how we street people really lived? How we got by in all kinds of weather? Why were we out there anyway? In this true story I am trying to take you out there with me to experience for yourself how we lived day after day and night after night. Please come join me on this adventure. If you drink and smoke it would sure help if you could bring your own. .00 from each "Kind Mike" book purchased at retail from will go to SEARCH Homeless Services to show my appreciation and gratefulness to SEARCH, the organization that helps the homeless here in Houston TX, for all of the help they brought to all of us Street People out at Buffalo Speedway and Highway 59 South. As you will read in this book, they helped us greatly.

How's It By You? by John V. Konior

It's a human interest story about two mismatched fishing buddies that lasted a lifetime, and then some. Although there are elements of fiction, the story is based on actual experiences, a dedication to the author's very best friend who sadly passed away. It's about a true and lasting friendship of the men and their families, who despite their differences and the periods where they lived far apart from each other, managed to remain very close friends. The story chronicles the escapades of the two men during their often very, very funny, and at times scary fishing adventures. If you like to fish, then you will really enjoy the tales. Be prepared to laugh until you hurt, sigh from time to time, and maybe cry a little bit. It's wholesome family reading, and you'll feel good when you've read the book.

The Secret of Big Pine Key by John V. Konior

The world's a very dangerous place. A new Iraqi conflict has now deteriorated into a civil war that has spilled over into most countries in the Middle East. Gasoline is in short supply and prices have escalated causing many country's economies to collapse. Adding to the turmoil are sinister forces plotting to take advantage of the situation. Their collective goal is to overthrow the U.S. Government and then carve up and rule the world.

Voices Within by Georgia Flanagan

'I refuse to go back as her daughter. I have been there, done that, and my life was ghastly,' Gemma said.
'We agree, but your return must be similar.'

Gemma, of course, was fully aware of this, and she knew this was her final return. Every detail must be planned now, and she had chosen her guides wisely. Willie, Claudia, and Porcia were to return with her to keep her on the right path, communicate with her, protect her, and guide her to completing her spiritual purpose, her reason for returning to the earthly plane. She had chosen these guides because at some time they had experienced and accomplished all that she was about to take on upon returning there.

In this return, Gemma's childhood will be terrible. Her father will leave her mother, Dottie. Soon Dottie will date a man who will molest Gemma and her sister, Sasha. The only people who keep Gemma going are her spiritual guides and her soul mate, who telepathically communicate with her.
Now reincarnated, Gemma has been born to Dottie and has returned to do battle with her former mother Louise; who will enter her life as a colleague. Louise has not changed; she is still rude and condescending. Gemma hates working with this woman she once called mother, but she knows her life's purpose is dependent upon enduring Louise one last time. She knows a final showdown with her former mother is inevitable.

Can Gemma navigate through the pain of her childhood? Will her choices in guides be wise ones? What will the final confrontation between Gemma and her past mother yield?
Travel with Gemma and find out in Voices Within!