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New York Times Best Seller List (8/31/2014)

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A young man’s difficult coming-of-age. 

2 LOVE LETTERS by Debbie Macomber

Three couples struggle with intimacy one summer at Cedar Cove’s 
Rose Harbor Inn. 

3 THE 6TH EXTINCTION by James Rollins 

The 10th Sigma Force novel offers Nazis, an ancient secret, a 
ticking nuclear clock and alien life-forms. 

4 BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty

Who will end up dead, and how, when three mothers with children in 
the same school become friends? 

5 THE GOLDFINCH by Donna Tartt 

A painting becomes a boy’s prize, guilt and burden. 

6 THE HEIST by Daniel Silva

Gabriel Allon, an art restorer and occasional spy for the Israeli
secret service, must track down a famous missing painting by Caravaggio. 

7 THE BOOK OF LIFE by Deborah Harkness 

In the conclusion to the All Souls trilogy, the Oxford scholar/witch
Diana Bishop and the vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont return from 
Elizabethan London to the present. 


The lives of a blind French girl and a gadget-obsessed German boy 
before and during World War II. 

9 THE LOST ISLAND by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child 

Gideon Crew, scientist and thief, pursues an extraordinary treasure for his 
mysterious employer. 

10 THE MAGICIAN'S LAND, by Lev Grossman

Quentin, an exiled magician, tries a risky heist in the final 
installment of a trilogy. 


A Dominic Caruso novel, written in the tradition of Clancy, 
who died in October 2013. 

12 THE SILKWORM by Robert Galbraith

The private detective Cormoran Strike in literary London. (J.K. Rowling writing 

13 FOOL'S ASSASSIN by Robin Hobb

In the first novel of a new fantasy trilogy, Fitz and the Fool, the hero of
the Farseer trilogy is living under an assumed name. 


Jamie Fraser and his family face challenges in the 18th and 20th centuries. 

15 THE HUSBAND'S SECRET by Liane Moriarty

A woman’s life is upended when she discovers a letter she was not meant to read. 

16 A PERFECT LIFE by Danielle Steel

A successful TV anchor faces a young rival at work just as the long-kept 
secrets of her private life are exposed. 

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Relax and Enjoy a Good Movie This Weekend

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One for the Money (2012)

Unemployed and newly-divorced Stephanie Plum lands a job at her cousin's bail-bond business, where her first assignment puts her on the trail of a wanted local cop from her romantic past.

Moonstruck (1987)

Loretta Castorini, a book keeper from Brooklyn, New York, finds herself in a difficult situation when she falls for the brother of the man she agreed to marry (the best friend of her late husband who died seven years previously).

The Unforgiven (1960)

The neighbors of a frontier family turn on them when it is suspected that their adopted daughter was stolen from the local Kiawa tribe.

Notorious (2009)

The life and death story of Notorious B.I.G. (a.k.a. Christopher Wallace), who came straight out of Brooklyn to take the world of rap music by storm.

Scent of a Woman (1992)

A prep school student needing money agrees to "babysit" a blind man, but the job is not at all what he anticipated.

The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)

The life of Jesus Christ.

How the Garcia Girls Spent their Summer (2005)

Three generations of women in a Mexican American family experience sexual awakenings over the course of a summer.

Zoom: Academy for Superheroes (2006)

Former superhero Jack is called back to work to transform an unlikely group of ragtag kids into superheroes at a private Academy.

White Lion (2010)

According to the legend of the Shangaan, white lions are the messengers of the gods, but it has been years since one has been seen in their remote African valley. When a white lion is miraculously born into that valley, a young Shangaan named Gisani, finds himself destined to protect this rare and magnificent creature at all costs.

Expired (2007)

A turbulent and intriguing love story between two parking officers in the city of Los Angeles.

Her Alibi (1989)

A writer of BAD detective novels is in full writers' block. He pretends to be the alibi of a beautiful woman who was arrested for murder at first thinking her innocent, but as she shows more and more interesting abilities (such as knife throwing) he begins to doubt his first assessment. He is still falling for her, but more and more nervous as time passes, and there are more close calls with death on his part.

The Prophet's Game (2000)

The Prophet has arrived in the ultimate playing ground... Los Angeles. It has taken an innocent childhood game and twisted it into a deadly match of wits, where the only prize is survival. Moving from city to city, The Prophet lures unsuspecting contestants into solving the riddles it supplies. If the contestants are wrong, somebody dies... somebody famous.

Lovers and Other Strangers (1970)

Mike Vecchio and Susan Henderson are preparing for their upcoming wedding. However, they seem to be the only two people at the wedding that are happy. Mike's brother Richie and his wife Joan are going through a divorce, which is upsetting his overly devout Catholic mother Beatrice. Also, Susan's father is carrying on an affair and her sex starved older sister Wilma is going through her troubles with her husband Johnny. All this is going on while Mike's best friend Jerry is trying to bed the maid of honor, Susan's cousin Brenda.

Agnes of God (1985)

When a naive novice nun is discovered with a dead newborn in her convent quarters, a court appointed psychiatrist investigates her case.

The Big Easy (1986)

Set in New Orleans. Remy McSwain, lieutenant in Homicide finds that he has two problems, the first of a series of gang killings and Ann Osborne, a beautiful attorney from the D.A.'s police corruption task force in his office. He begins a relationship with her as the killings continue only to have charges filed against him for accepting bribes as he stumbles on a police corruption Sting. While this is happening, the criminals insist that none of the crime gangs are behind the killings.

The Hoodlum Priest (1961)

Based on the life of Fr. Charles Clark, a minister to street gangs.

Full Moon in Blue Water (1988)

Floyd, the owner of a bar on the Texas coast, has been depressed for a year after his wife disappeared in a swimming accident. He lives with his senile father-in-law "The General" and is helped by Jimmy, a former asylum inmate, and the good-natured Louise. The bar is rapidly losing money and Charlie wants to buy it cheaply before it becomes publicly known that a nearby bridge is to be built. Louise offers her savings to go into partnership with Floyd, but Floyd decides to sell when he is forced to pay his back taxes.

...and many more enjoyable titles.

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Fall in Love with Our NEW Larger Print Paperbacks

Lakeside Reunion by Lisa Jordan

Bed-and-breakfast owner Lindsey Porter prays she won't run into Stephen Chase when she returns to Shelby Lake. 

Five years ago, the cop jilted her to marry another woman, and Lindsey fled town. But no sooner does she hit city limits than Stephen pulls her over for a broken taillight. Despite the past, he's still able to stir up Lindsey's old feelings for him. 

Now a widower and single dad, Stephen recognizes a second chance when he sees one. And he'll do anything to make Lindsey trust in God and take a risk for love—again.

For more information on Lisa Jordan and her latest works visit this website.

A Family of Their Own by Gail Gaymer Martin

With her daughter's health back on track, Kelsey Rhodes counts her blessings. But life is still not easy for the sweet single mom. She craves companionship, yet finds it difficult to trust anyone. Ross Salburg seems like the perfect match for her. The handsome single dad also struggles to keep his daughter healthy. 

Can Kelsey convince Ross to take a leap of faith and meld their two families into one?

For more information on Gail Gaymer Martin and her latest works visit this website.

Homecoming Blessings by Merrillee Whren
Dalton Brothers Series Book # 3

A small-town gal who does God's work for a living? Big-city businessman Peter Dalton doesn't think he and fresh-from-the-field missionary Ashley Hiatt have "anything" in common. Until his boss--her father--pairs them together on a special project to help those less fortunate. Suddenly, instead of making money, Peter is making dreams come true. He's a changed man. Well, maybe not when it comes to settling down. With his past, he's just not cut out for family life. 

But lovely Ashley seems to think otherwise...and is making it her mission to prove it for good.

For more information on Merrillee Whren and her latest works visit this website.

Montana Match by Merrillee Whren

Nanny to six-year-old twin girls isn't exactly the position Brittany Gorman is looking for. But she needs a job. And the twins' struggling single dad, rancher Parker Watson, needs all the help he can get. Soon Brittany is not only assisting with the girls, but also helping Parker make peace with his past. It seems Brittany's finally found a place to belong. And with two little matchmakers on the loose, there's no telling what the future holds. 

As her time on the ranch runs out, can Brittany and Parker find the strength to face that future--together?

For more information on Merrillee Whren and her latest works visit this website.

Undercover Bodyguard by Shirlee McCoy
Heroes for Hire Series Book # 6

Bakery owner Shelby Simons can't deny a stalker is after her. Still, knowing she's at risk is one thing. Admitting she needs a bodyguard is quite another. Especially when the bodyguard is Ryder Malone. The former SEAL is too big, too tough and way too attractive. Yet Ryder won't take no for an answer. If she can't find a place for him in her life, he'll make one, working undercover to protect Shelby and find her attacker. 

But as Ryder and Shelby get closer to answers—and each other—the killer starts closing in…

For more information on Shirlee McCoy and her latest works visit this website.

Oklahoma Reunion by Tina Radcliffe

Single mother Kait Field is back home in the small Oklahoma town she left eight years ago. It's time to empty the family home, close the door on the past and introduce her daughter, Jenna, to her daddy. Ryan Jones hasn't quite forgiven his teenage sweetheart, who left him with unanswered questions and a broken heart. But Kait was never accepted by his controlling family, and they don't seem any more welcoming this time around. 

Yet now Ryan and Kait are resolved that nothing will come between renewed promises of faith, forever—and the second chance that neither expected.(

For more information on Tina Radcliffe and her latest works visit this website.

Healing Autumn's Heart by Renee Andrews
Claremont Alabama Series Book # 2

Little Autumn barely speaks—and rarely smiles. So as a fresh start for both himself and his daughter, widowed doctor Matt Graham moves to a small Southern town. There they happen across a lovely young woman named Hannah Taylor. Something about Hannah awakens the girl, and suddenly Autumn is full of sweet chatter and laughter. In remission from the very illness that took so much from Matt and Autumn, Hannah seems to understand what the family of two needs. She's healed his daughter's heart. 

But can he open his enough to accept her love?

For more information on Renee Andrews and her latest works visit this website.

Her Rodeo Cowboy by Debra Clopton
Mule Hollow Homecoming Series Book # 1

Everything accountant Montana Brown thought she knew about love and marriage goes topsy-turvy when her parents split up. Shaken, she heads to Mule Hollow, Texas, to stay with family and take a chance on an old dream: being a cowgirl. With all her might, she tries to resist the charms of a too-handsome cowboy. Luke Holden is going after his own dream of expanding his ranch. A wife isn't on his wish list. 

But the Mule Hollow matchmakers are fixin' to lasso Luke and Montana together--with a little faith and love.

For more information on Debra Clopton and her latest works visit this website.

Small-Town Sweethearts by Jean C. Gordon

Summoned as temporary guardian for her teenage niece, Emily Hazard returns to Paradox Lake. On one condition—she won't let herself think about staying. Emily always felt like a misfit in her tiny hometown.
But she doesn't count on falling for handsome Drew Stacey, a former Wall Streeter who's getting the town church camp ready. Though he surprises Emily with his handiness with tools, understanding of teenagers and his steady faith, she'll soon head back to New York. Unless her small-town sweetheart asks her to stay forever.
For more information on Jean C. Gordon and her latest works visit this website.

Lost Legacy by Dana Mentink

Brooke Ramsey is running out of time. She needs to save her father's reputation before she loses him to illness. That means finding the painting that went missing while in his care. Fast. Which is why she teams up with Victor Gage, owner of Treasure Seekers agency.The charming private detective has more at stake than uncovering a lost masterpiece. He's investigating his wife's death, and the artwork holds the answer. 

As Victor and Brooke draw closer to each other, so does a murderer. Someone wants the past to remain buried and will kill again to keep it hidden.

For more information on Dana Mentink and her latest works visit this website.

Restless Hearts by Marta Perry
The Flanagans Series Book # 6

A search for her roots brought midwife Fiona Flanagan to Pennsylvania Dutch country-- and made her wonder whether she should turn back. The area's mixture of Amish and English culture confused her, and her first encounter with local police chief Ted Rittenhouse didn't help. he'd thought she was breaking into her own office! Despite the misunderstanding, Fiona could see that Ted's tough-as-nails exterior hid a kind soul-- one caught between two worlds, seeking a place to belong. 

She felt the same, but trusting him with her heart would require the biggest step of faith she had ever taken.

For more information on Marta Perry and her latest works visit this website.

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New Cozy Mysteries and Westerns Available Today

Cloaked in Malice by Annette Blair
Vintage Magic Mystery Series # 5

There’s nothing Maddie loves more than fabulous vintage clothes, but the visions she gets while touching them are starting to wear her down. Even so, when a beautifully dressed girl comes to Vintage Magic in search of her past, Maddie isn’t about to turn her away, especially since she bears a striking resemblance to her good friend Dolly Sweet. 

When Maddie touches Paisley Skye’s exquisitely crafted child’s cloak, the vision she receives is of the ugliest sort: a decades-old case of kidnapping and murder. To give herself more time to investigate, Maddie enlists the help of her FBI Agent boyfriend Nick and takes Paisley into her own home. But when Dolly suddenly skips town, Maddie realizes that uncovering the folds of Paisley’s past will reveal more than one vintage crime.

For more information on Annette Blair and her latest works visit this website.

The Hen of the Baskervilles by Donna Andrews
Meg Langslow Series Book # 15

A dastardly murder and the kidnapping of a prize chicken threaten to ruin Caerphilly’s state fair—fortunately, Meg Langslow is on the case of The Hen of the Baskervilles
The newest mystery in Donna Andrews's gut-bustingly funny, award-winning, New York Times bestselling series is anything but elementary. Meg Langslow is helping Mayor Randall Shiffley organize the Virginia Un-Fair, Caerphilly’s entry in the race to replace the old state fair (which has gone bankrupt). Before a line can even form outside the ticket booth, however, a pair of Bantam Russian Orloff chickens are stolen from their coop in the chicken tent.  Soon, a rash of vandalism crops up at the fair, showing no heritage farm animal, prize vegetable, or artisanal craft to be safe. 

While patrolling the fairgrounds, determined to catch the perp, Meg runs into her friend Molly, who has been building a successful business making goat cheeses. Molly is terrified that she may lose her farm because her idle husband Brett has left her for Genette Sedgewick, a rich hobby winemaker, and is demanding his half of the land. Meg enlists Mother's help to find Molly a divorce lawyer, but later that night, Brett is found murdered and Molly is swiftly accused as his killer. 

Meg is convinced that her friend wouldn’t so much as harm a fly, but can she find the real killer before it’s too late?  Will she track down the vandal who has been terrorizing—however creatively—the fair’s participants?  And will Michael be able to convince her to add members of his new favorite heritage breed to their growing menagerie?  Meg’s most hilarious caper yet, the curious incident of the hen in the nighttime will have readers rolling on the floor with laughter.

For more information on Donna Andrews and her latest works visit this website.

A Killing Notion by Melissa Bourbon
Magical Dressmaking Mystery Series Book # 5

Harlow Jane Cassidy is swamped with homecoming couture requests. If only she didn’t have to help solve a murder, she might get the gowns off the dress forms....  

Harlow is doing everything she can to expand her dressmaking business, Buttons & Bows—without letting clients know about her secret charm. When she has a chance to create homecoming dresses with a local charity and handmade mums for several high school girls—including Gracie, whose father, Will, has mended Harlow’s heart—she is ready to use her magical talents for a great cause.

But when Gracie’s date for the dance is accused of murder, Harlow knows things won’t be back on course until she helps Gracie clear the football player’s name. If Harlow can’t patch up this mess before the big game, her business and her love life might be permanently benched.


For more information on Melissa Bourbon and her latest works visit this website.

Written in Stone by Ellery Adams

For more information on Nora Roberts and her latest works visit this website.

Murder of a Snake in the Grass by Denise Swanson
Scumble River Mystery Series Book # 4

Skye Denison and the rest of Scumble River is celebrating it's bicentennial in style-with reenactments, a bingo tent, and a coal-tossing contest. Best of all, the guest of honor is the town founder's great-great-grandnephew, Gabriel Scumble. 

But his visit turns out to be short-lived when he is found dead. 

The murder weapon: a pickax. 

Meanwhile, Skye's ex-fiancee is back in town. But is he here simply to create turmoil in her love life...or does he have a connection to Gabriel's death?

For more information on Denise Swanson and her latest works visit this website.

Last Licks by Claire Donally
Sunny and Shadow Mystery Series Book # 3

Sniffing out a murderer…

When Sunny Coolidge’s curmudgeonly boss, Oliver Barnstable, lands in rehab after breaking his leg, Sunny is stuck shuttling between their offices in Kittery Harbor, Maine, and the facility where Ollie is recuperating. And if putting up with temper tantrums from her boss wasn’t enough, his rehab roommate, Gardner Scatterwell, is a shameless flirt.

But when Scatterwell dies unexpectedly in the night, Ollie is convinced it wasn’t from natural causes. He gives Sunny a new assignment—find out who killed the old tomcat.

And speaking of cats, Shadow, Sunny’s feline partner in crime, takes a peculiar interest in the rehab’s resident angel of death—a calico cat called Portia, with an uncanny talent for cozying up to patients right before they pass away. Together, Sunny and Shadow will have to nose out clues to discover if Portia’s jinx had anything to do with Gardner’s passing—or if all his catting around finally got him fixed.

For more information on Claire Donally and her latest works visit this website.

Sew Deadly by Elizabeth Lynn Casey
Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series Book # 1

Ever since she moved to Sweet Briar, South Carolina, Yankee librarian Tori Sinclair has been the talk of the tiny town. 

But she's been so busy at work, winning over the sewing circle, and trying to forget her cheating ex that she hasn't even had time to baste together a pillow, let alone mind local gossip. Then she finds the hometown sweetheart dead at her back door...

Everyone believes the police investigator, who's just fixin' to link Tori to the murder in a love triangle gone bad. To clear her name, Tori will have to rely on her new sewing sisters and stitch together the truth- or be darned.

For more information on Elizabeth Lynn Casey and her latest works visit this website.

Fatal fixer-upper by Jennie Bentley
Do-It-Yourself Mystery Series Book # 1

Avery Baker was once a New York designer, but inheriting her aunt's old Maine cottage has led her down a new career path home renovation. 

Now, with help from hunky handyman Derek Ellis, Avery starts learning the ABCs of DIY. 

But when the designer-turned-renovator finds clues that lead to a missing professor, she wonders if she can finish the house without getting finished off in the process.

For more information on Jennie Bentley and her latest works visit this website.


Massacre Canyon by William Johnstone
Family Jensen Series Book # 5

Two outlaw brothers have been leaving a blood-trail on their way to infamy on the western frontier. Until bounty hunter Luke Jensen catches one of the black-hearted Kroll brothers away from his gang. But while Luke is trying to get Mordecai Kroll from jail to justice, he's ambushed by the Kroll gang and taken prisoner. And that draws Luke's own brother Smoke Jensen into the fight, guns drawn.

For more information on William Johnstone and his latest works visit this website.

The Eagles Legacy by William Johnstone
MaCallister: the Ealges Legacy Series Book # 1

The Scottish Highlands, 1885. Two men, brandishing knives, attack a young woman outside a pub. Duff MacAllister steps in and saves her—killing one of the assailants. Big mistake. The attacker was the sheriff’s son, and now MacAllister is marked for death. His only hope: America. 

Here, in the sprawling land of dreams, Duff hopes to start a new life with his American cousins. Unfortunately, the sheriff’s deputies are tracking him down—with nine of the deadliest cutthroats money can buy. Blazing a trail of blood and bullets all the way to the Rockies, Duff has to kill his enemies one by one—or die trying. But this time, Duff is not alone. He has a new ally by his side. A living legend of frontier justice. His cousin, the gunslinger known as Falcon MacAllister…

For more information on William Johnstone and his latest works visit this website.

A Good Day to Die by William Johnstone
Savage Texas Series Book # 2

In Hangtree, Texas, any day could be your last. For on the heels of the Civil War, Hangtree is drawing gamblers, fast women and faster gunmen. Amidst the brawls and shooting, the land-grabbing and card-sharking, two men barely hold the boomtown together: Yankee Sam Heller and Texan Johnny Cross. Heller and Cross can't stand the sight of each other. And Hangtree needs them more than ever.

A Comanche named Red Hand leads a horde of warriors on a horrific path of bloodshed and destruction, with Hangtree sitting right in Red Hand's path. For a town bitterly divided, for Heller and Cross, the time has come to unite and stand shoulder to shoulder--and fight, live or die for their little slice of heaven called Hangtree.

For more information on William Johnstone and his latest works visit this website.

Sixkiller: U.S. Marshal Dead Man Walking by William Johnstone
Sixkiller: U.S. Marshal Series Book # 6

Ignatius O’Reilly is famous for his beautifully crafted counterfeit money. John Henry Sixkiller is famous for hunting criminals into the most violent and dangerous worlds most lawman dare not go. Now, the Deputy U.S. Marshal is zeroing on O’Reilly in San Francisco, when the case blows up in his face.

Instead of O’Reilly, Sixkiller finds a beautiful woman and a meddling Federal agent from the Secret Service. O’Reilly gets away and the hunt leads Sixkiller after the woman, the counterfeiter, and the Fed into the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains. There, a mining town is surrounded by armed men, people inside are dying of disease, and, as outlaws converge, the line between right and wrong disappear.

Until Sixkiller takes out a gun and lays down the law—one bullet at a time.

For more information on William Johnstone and his latest works visit this website.

The Butcher of Bear Creek by William Johnstone
Sidewinders Series Book # 7

There's nothing like family. At least that's what people say. 

But when Bo and Scratch come home to Bear Creek for a long-overdue visit, Bo's family kindly invites him to turn around and leave. His old friends and neighbours turn tail and run when they see him. Next thing he knows, he's in jail for the brutal murder of two saloon girls in neighbouring Cottonwood. 

Unfortunately, the real killer looks astonishingly like Bo. Now, with his buddy in jail, Scratch needs to ride to the rescue.

For more information on William Johnstone and his latest works visit this website.

Ambush of the Mountain Men by William Johnstone
Mountain Man Series Book # 31

Smoke Jensen never wanted to kill, but fate had other plans, and the Mountain Man has left plenty of blood, tears and fury in his wake. Angus MacDougal, the father of one of Smoke's victims, wants revenge. Riding up to Big Rock, Colorado, MacDougal has decided that killing Smoke won't be enough. He intends to bring him back to Pueblo and hang him before a crowd. It's a bloodthirsty plan that might have worked, except for a beautiful young woman, and the small knife she slips into Smoke's hand. Suddenly, Smoke is on the run in the Colorado wilderness with no gun, no supplies, and twenty armed men in pursuit. 

Once, a man named Preacher taught Smoke how to survive in this wilderness. Now, as a brutal winter bears down, the Mountain Man will use those lessons well - not only to fight his way out alive, but also for vengeance of his own...

For more information on William Johnstone and his latest works visit this website.

Moonshine Massacre by William Johnstone
Blood Bond Series Book # 14

A half-breed and a white man. For years their legend has grown, but few know how far they will go for one another or the roots of their blood bond. Now, that bond will be put to the most deadly test yet…

When Matt Bodine and Sam Two Wolves came to Kansas, they didn’t know the Governor had just made the state liquor-free. But it doesn’t take Matt long to find a place to drink and a family of enterprising moonshiners with one stunningly beautiful daughter. Trouble is, while Matt is falling hard, Sam is being recruited by a sheriff who happens to have a lovely daughter of his own…

What happens when you mix 200-proof corn liquor with intoxicating women and two friends on opposite sides of the law? Big trouble. And more is coming: bearing down on the town of Cottonwood is a murderous bootlegger, hired gunmen and a gambler with a plan of his own. As a killing storm crashes over Cottonwood, the odds favor the man who is stone cold sober, good with a red hot gun—and backed by unbreakable bonds of blood…

For more information on William Johnstone and his latest works visit this website.

Bullets Don't Die by William Johnstone
The Loner Series Book # 15

Conrad Browning, a.k.a. The Loner, knows what it’s like to a have a family and a home. And he knows what it’s like to lose it all. Now, he has a met man living on the edge of sanity: a good man, a flawed man, a solitary man who might just cost The Loner his life...

The Past Won’t Let Him Go. The Future Is Even Deadlier.

Jared Tate is an aging U.S. marshal who has saved lives, made enemies, and planted a lot of bad men in hallowed ground. But Tate is in deep trouble, the kind that comes from a troubled mind. Not remembering as much as he wants to, not forgetting as much as he should, Tate has one person to trust. Because the Loner has made Tate’s enemies his own, taking on Tate’s demons and Tate’s fight. In the lawless and violent Kansas territory, a young wanderer and an aging lawman will journey side-by-side one last time—into a fight that will take every bullet they have...

For more information on William Johnstone and his latest works visit this website.

The Red Raider by William Colt MacDonald

More than sixty films have been based on the works of William Colt MacDonald, ten of which feature John Wayne. This volume includes two of MacDonald's most memorable novellas. 

"Gun Fog" tells the story of Jerry Knight, a destitute young cowboy who finds himself the loser in a big-money poker game. To pay his debt, he agrees to work at the Circle F without pay for two months. But he finds the stakes much higher than he'd planned when he ends up rustling cattle and framed for murder. 

In the The Red Raider, Old Dad Flint is out to avenge the murder of his son. Little does he know that a band of Apaches have laid an ambush for him in the desert.

For more information on William Colt MacDonald and his latest works visit this website.

Longhorn Empire by Bradford Scott

The owner of a longhorn herd and his trail boss not only have to figure out how to get their cattle over the raging Cimarron River, but also then have to deal with the gun-toting ranchers who are fencing off the range on the other side.

For more information on Bradford Scott and his latest works visit this website.

Untamed Country by David Thompson
Wilderness Series Book # 46

Nate King and his family pride themselves on their ability to handle whatever hardships the harsh wilderness of the Rockies deals out. 

But lately their cabin, nestled in the foothills of the high country, has had some troublesome visitors. Nearby Ute and Crow warriors have banded together and set out to destroy the Kings' home...along with the King family. 

Nate has no choice but to find a new place to live. With a bloodthirsty war party dogging his every step, will he have any family left by the time he finds a new homestead?

For more information on David Thompson and his latest works visit this website.

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New York Times Best Seller List (8/24/2014)

Note: Titles highlighted in BLUE are currently available for checkout. Titles highlighted in RED have been ordered and will be available for checkout soon.


1 THE MAGICIAN'S LAND by Lev Grossman
Quentin, an exiled magician, tries a risky heist in the final installment
of a trilogy. 

2 BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarty
Who will end up dead, and how, when three mothers with children in the same
school become friends? 

3 THE LOST ISLAND by Douglas Preston 
Gideon Crew, scientist and thief, pursues an extraordinary treasure for 
his mysterious employer. 

4 SEVERED SOULS by Terry Goodkind
Book 14 of the Sword of Truth series returns to Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell, 
and their world. 

5 THE GOLDFINCH by Donna Tartt
A painting becomes a boy’s prize, guilt and burden. 

6 THE HEIST by Daniel Silva
Gabriel Allon, an art restorer and occasional spy for the Israeli secret 
service, must track down a famous missing painting by Caravaggio. 

7 THE BOOK OF LIFE by Deborah Harkness
In the conclusion to the All Souls trilogy, the Oxford scholar/witch Diana 
Bishop and the vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont return from Elizabethan 
London to the present. 

A Dominic Caruso novel, written in the tradition of Clancy, who died 
in October 2013. 

The lives of a blind French girl and a gadget-obsessed German boy before
and during World War II. 

10 THE SILKWORM by Robert Galbraith
The private detective Cormoran Strike in literary London; by J.K. Rowling, 
writing pseudonymously. 

11 A PERFECT LIFE by Danielle Steel
A successful TV anchor faces a young rival at work just as the long-kept 
secrets of her private life are exposed. 

12 INVISIBLE by James Patterson
A former F.B.I. researcher finds a link between scores of apparently 
unconnected unsolved cases. 

13 ACT OF WAR by Brad Thor
The counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath undertakes two dangerous missions
as America faces an imminent attack. 

14 TOP SECRET by W. E. B. Griffin 
A Clandestine Operations novel, first in a new series about the Cold War 
and the early C.I.A. 

15 MR. MERCEDES by Stephen King
A driver plows into a crowd, killing eight. The killer then taunts a suicidal 
ex-cop, who must stop another, deadlier attack. 

16 THE HUSBAND'S SECRET by Liane Moriarty
A woman’s life is upended when she discovers a letter she was not meant to read. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy and More for Teens and Tweens

Between the Spark and the Burn by April Genevieve Tucholke
Between Series Book # 2

The conclusion to Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, this gothic thriller romance with shades of Stephen King and Daphne du Maurier is a must-read for fans of Beautiful Creatures and Anna Dressed in Blood.

Freddie once told me that the Devil created all the fear in the world.
But then, the Devil once told me that it's easier to forgive someone for scaring you than for making you cry.
The problem with River West Redding was that he'd done both to me.

The crooked-smiling liar River West Redding, who drove into Violet's life one summer day and shook her world to pieces, is gone. Violet and Neely, River's other brother, are left to worry—until they catch a two a.m. radio program about strange events in a distant mountain town. They take off in search of River but are always a step behind, finding instead frenzied towns, witch hunts, and a wind-whipped island with the thrum of something strange and dangerous just under the surface. It isn't long before Violet begins to wonder if Neely, the one Redding brother she thought trustworthy, has been hiding a secret of his own

For more information on April Genevieve Tucholke and her latest works visit this website.

Dog Whisperer: Storm Warning by Nicholas Edwards
Dog Whisperer Series Book # 2

Emily and her dog, Zack, have a special bond. But it’s more than that—they can read each other’s minds. Even more surprising, Zack knows when people are in trouble. 

Now, Emily and Zack are able to use their powers to save lives, though Emily is endangering hers in the process and making her parents worry. When a hurricane warning is issued, everyone in town starts preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. What are the odds of a hurricane actually hitting a small town in Maine? 

Emily and Zack can’t see into the future, so they don’t know what’s going to happen, but if the hurricane does come and the worst does happen, are a girl and her dog enough to save a town from the destructive power of Mother Nature?

For more information on Nicholas Edwards (pseudonym for Ellen Emerson White) and her latest works visit this website.

Trouble Don't Last by Shelley Pearsall

Eleven-year-old Samuel was born as Master Hackler’s slave, and working the Kentucky farm is the only life he’s ever known—until one dark night in 1859, that is. With no warning, cranky old Harrison, a fellow slave, pulls Samuel from his bed and, together, they run. 

The journey north seems much more frightening than Master Hackler ever was, and Samuel’s not sure what freedom means aside from running, hiding, and starving. But as they move from one refuge to the next on the Underground Railroad, Samuel uncovers the secret of his own past—and future. 

And old Harrison begins to see past a whole lifetime of hurt to the promise of a new life—and a poignant reunion—
in Canada.

For more information on Shelley Pearsall and her latest works visit this website.

Eternal by Gillian Shields
Immortal Series Book # 3

This third book about the Mystic Sisterhood at Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies is another romantic thriller with paranormal elements and deep mystery. This time our heroine is Sarah Fitzalan, the dependable, faithful friend to Evie and Helen, her sisters in the Mystic Way. But this term Sarah finds that their friendship is tested to the limits. Evie is turning her back on the Mystic Way after the sisterhood laid her beloved Sebastian’s soul to rest; Helen is distracted; and a new girl, wild child Velvet Romaine, seems set on stirring up more trouble at Wyldcliffe. Sarah struggles to keep the sisterhood together as the threat of attack from the dark coven looms. 

All Sarah has to keep her going is her connection with her earth powers and a promise she cannot break. Must she sacrifice herself for the sake of her friends and sisters? Will her sisters join her, or will help come from unexpected sources, like her Romany ancestors, and a love she’d only just dared hope for?

For more information on Gillian Shields and her latest works visit this website.

Welcome to the Dark House by Luarie Stolarz

What’s your worst nightmare?

For Ivy Jensen, it’s the eyes of a killer that haunt her nights. For Parker Bradley, it’s bloodthirsty sea serpents that slither in his dreams.

And for seven essay contestants, it’s their worst nightmares that win them an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at director Justin Blake’s latest, confidential project. Ivy doesn’t even like scary movies, but she’s ready to face her real-world fears. Parker’s sympathetic words and perfect smile help keep her spirits up. . . at least for now.

Not everyone is so charming, though. Horror-film fanatic Garth Vader wants to stir up trouble. It’s bad enough he has to stay in the middle of nowhere with this group—the girl who locks herself in her room; the know-it-all roommate; “Mister Sensitive”; and the one who’s too cheery for her own good. Someone has to make things interesting.

Except, things are already a little weird. The hostess is a serial-killer look-alike, the dream-stealing Nightmare Elf is lurking about, and the seventh member of the group is missing.

By the time Ivy and Parker realize what’s really at stake, it’s too late to wake up and run.

For more information on Laurie Faria Stolarz and her latest works visit this website.

Forgive my Fins by Tera Childs
Fins Series Book # 1

Lily Sanderson has a secret, and it's not that she has a huge crush on gorgeous swimming god Brody Bennett, who makes her heart beat flipper-fast. Unrequited love is hard enough when you're a normal teenage girl, but when you're half human, half mermaid, like Lily, there's no such thing as a simple crush.

Lily's mermaid identity is a secret that can't get out, since she's not just any mermaid—she's a Thalassinian princess. When Lily found out three years ago that her mother was actually a human, she finally realized why she didn't feel quite at home in Thalassinia, and she's been living on land and going to Seaview High School ever since, hoping to find where she truly belongs. Sure, land has its problems—like her obnoxious biker-boy neighbor, Quince Fletcher—but it has that one major perk: Brody. The problem is, mermaids aren't really the casual dating type—the instant they "bond," it's for life.

When Lily's attempt to win Brody's love leads to a tsunami-sized case of mistaken identity, she is in for a tidal wave of relationship drama, and she finds out, quick as a tailfin flick, that happily ever after never sails quite as smoothly as you planned.

For more information on Tera Lynn Childsand her latest works visit this website.

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
Fairytale Retellings Series Book # 1

Scarlett March lives to hunt the Fenris--the werewolves that took her eye when she was defending her sister Rosie from a brutal attack. Armed with a razor-sharp hatchet and blood-red cloak, Scarlett is an expert at luring and slaying the wolves. She's determined to protect other young girls from a grisly death, and her raging heart will not rest until every single wolf is dead.
Rosie March once felt her bond with her sister was unbreakable. Owing Scarlett her life, Rosie hunts ferociously alongside her. But even as more girls' bodies pile up in the city and the Fenris seem to be gaining power, Rosie dreams of a life beyond the wolves. She finds herself drawn to Silas, a young woodsman who is deadly with an ax and Scarlett's only friend--but does loving him mean betraying her sister and all that they've worked for?
For more information on Jackson Pearce and her latest works visit this website.