Friday, June 29, 2012

Sizzling Summer Reads for Young Readers

Beyond the Valley of Thorns by Patrick Carman

Alexa thought her troubles were over when she defeated the man who had threatened to bring down Bridewell from within. But now that the walls around her land have fallen, a new, unexpected threat has risen from outside. Suddenly, Alexa is involved in a battle much, much larger than her own life . . . a battle in which she is destined to play a key role. 

In order to help good defeat evil, Alexa and her friends must venture farther than they've ever gone before -- confronting giants, bats, ravenous dogs, and a particularly ghoulish mastermind in order to bring back peace.

My Dog, Cat by Marty Crisp

Good things really do come in small packages! Can a boy and his dog stand up to the school bully? Find out in this fun and funny tale about friendship and a fuzzy runt of a dog named, CAT!

It's a CAT-astrophe! Abbie is a dog boy trapped in a cat family. He's also the new kid in school. Abbie wants nothing more than to be tall, to have a boy's name, and to have a big, mean dog to shut down the school bully. What does he end up with? A fuzzy runt of a dog named CAT! When the school bully finds out about Abbie's "runtface" dog, it's bound to end in CAT-astrophe. If good things really do come in small packages, could Cat be Abbie's dream come true?

Danger in Quicksand Swamp by Bill Wallace

When jake finds the old canoe filled with rocks and hidden in sand near the river, he and Ben are thrilled But someone wants to bury it. Why? The trouble begins when they clean it up, discover a treasure map, and set out in their new boat in search of adventure.

What they find instead is terror: alligators swarming around them, trapping them on the tiny island in the middle of the eerie Swamp. But there is an even more fearsome enemy: a shadowy figure who is waiting to kill them if they survive the alligators and the quicksand that lies beyond.

Fish Face by Patricia Giff

Emily Arrow may be a poor reader, but she's terrific in math and is also the fastest runner in her class. In October school gets even better when a newcomer from Florida, Dawn Tiffanie Bosco, joins the class and sits next to her.

When Emily sees that Dawn's a better reader and a faster runner, she tries to accept it with grace. Emily is still sure it will be fun to have a new friend to show her"fish face" to and share secrets with.

But then Emily discovers something awful--Dawn's a thief! And to make matters worse, no one will believe Emily.

Next Door Witch by Mary Stanton

When Natalie and Denny first showed up to work at Pegasus Farms, they thought Zeuxippe Smith might be a witch. Now they know she's a witch--Zeuxippe's cat and horse have magically talked to Denny and begged to be rescued.

The Case of the Great Sled Race by James Preller 

After a huge snowstorm, the neighborhood kids go sledding at Long Hill. Everyone's having a great time -- until one of the sleds disappears. It's up to super-sleuth Jigsaw Jones and his partner, Mila, to solve this chilly case.

Gorgonzola Zombies in the Park by Elizabeth Levy 

Sam and Robert make up a story about a Gorgonzola Zombie to scare their cousin Mabel, but strange and scary events convince all three that there really is a zombie haunting Central Park.

Ferno the Fire Dragon by Adam Blade

Strange things are happening in Tom's village, and Tom vows to go to the king and ask for help. But he soon learns people are in trouble all over the kingdom, and young Tom is sent on the greatest quest of all--the Beast Quest. 

Horrible Harry and the Holidaze by Suzy Kline

The holiday season is here, and the kids in Room 3B are learning about all the different ways people celebrate. In addition to Christmas and Hanukkah, there?s Kwanzaa, Three Kings? Day, Korean New Year, and more. All the talk about holidays has everyone feeling festive. Everyone, that is, except Harry. He doesn't seem to care about the holidays, the class pet, or even the new student in class. It?s clear that something is bugging Harry?but what could it be?

Battle of the Bands (High School Musical) by N.B. Grace

East High is putting on its first-ever Battle of the Bands Troy and his basketball buddies are looking forward to living out their rock-star fantasies, and Sharpay has formed her very own girl group. But while Troy and Sharpay prepare to step into the spotlight, Gabriella and Ryan are left in the shadows. Gabriella keeps herself busy by tutoring Ryan, who needs help with algebra. Still, she can't help wondering why Troy wouldn't want to join forces with her for the Battle of the Bands. 

Didn't the two of them make a great team at the musical? Maybe it's time for Gabriella to take the stage on her own.

The Fighting Ground by Avi

At 13, Jonathan dreams of fighting in the American Revolution. Almost by accident, he is recruited into a fighting unit and experiences the reality of war, including being taken prisoner and coming to grips with his feelings about shooting to kill.

City of the Rats by Emily Rodda

Lief, Barda, and Jasmine continue their perilous quest to recover the seven lost gems of the magic belt of Deltora so the evil Shadow Lord can be overthrown. Strengthened in finding the golden topaz and the great ruby, they search for the third stone. But none of them know the horrors that await them in the forbidden City of the Rats.

Dread Mountain by Emily Rodda

After finding four of the seven gems to the Belt of Deltora, Lief receives grave news from home. He wants to return, but the quest must continue. To find the fifth stone, the heroes must go to the edge of the Shadowlands and enter the realm of the monster, Gellik. 

Millicent Min, Girl Genius by Lisa Yee  

Millicent Min is having a bad summer. Her fellow high school students hate her for setting the curve. Her fellow 11-year-olds hate her for going to high school. And her mother has arranged for her to tutor Stanford Wong, the poster boy for Chinese geekdom. But then Millie meets Emily. Emily doesn't know Millicent's IQ score. She actually thinks Millie is cool. And if Millie can hide her awards, ignore her grandmother's advice, swear her parents to silence, blackmail Stanford, and keep all her lies straight, she just might make her first friend. What's it gong to take? Sheer genius.

Heir to Fire: Gila Flats by Rob Worley

Ryan Morales is a misfit. His parents think he's just shy; his friends want him to loosen up. It doesn't help that he's the only teen in the hot Arizona town of Gila Flats who wears a jacket year-round. Ryan's already precarious world is turned upside-down when a mysterious crater in the desert opens a portal to a lost city, strange spiders and Gila monsters overrun the town, and the locals turn strange and sinister.