Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lights...Camera...Action it's Movie Time


Surrounded by the love of his family, police detective, Tom Canboro enjoys a rich full life. But he finds himself battling more than thieves when he takes on a mysterious group that possesses frightening physic powers. When his wife, sister and brother-in-law become the target of this dark society, he rushes to their aid. However, before he can reach them, a mystical force takes control of his car, thrusting him headlong into the path of an oncoming truck. After years in a coma, Tom wakes up to discover that the devil is running the world and his wife has joined the Christian resistance! 97 minutes. 


Based on actual events, a plot to assassinate Hitler is unfurled during the height of WWII. 

To Love, Honor and Deceive

A woman gets involved with a policeman after her husband, a complete scoundrel, and her son are lost at sea and presumed dead. 


Quicksand is a story about who can one really trust. Martin is sent to check on the production of a film in France and winds up in a heap of trouble when some nefarious investors set him up. Martin finds that he must rely on the word of Jake to help him, but can he really trust his friend?

Ramblin Man

Two adventure seeking Montana cowboys find themselves in music city USA: Nashville. 

Resurrection Mary

A young man meets a girl who might be a ghost, but matters turn serious when his friends start dying under mysterious circumstances.

Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book

An adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of Mowgli the jungle boy who is raised by wolves.


Val Kilmer stars as globe-hopping daredevil and "gentleman thief" Simon Templar in this glossy and thrilling updating of Leslie Charteris' roguish hero. Hired by a Russian crime boss to steal a cold-fusion energy formula from scientist Elisabeth Shue, Kilmer falls for his "victim," and soon both find their lives in danger as they race against time to recover the formula.

The Smallest Show on Earth

The Smallest Show on Earth is a gentle, frequently uproarious takeoff of Britain's neighborhood-cinema industry. Real-life husband and wife Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna star as Matt and Jean Spencer, a middle-class couple who inherit a decrepit movie house in a tiny railroad whistle stop. They also inherit the theater's ancient, doddering employees: bibulous ticket-taker Percy Quill, former silent-movie accompanist Mrs. Fazackalee and doorman/janitor old Tom. Making the best of things, the Spencers set up shop going through the usual travails of small-time cinema owners: substandard projection and sound reproduction, a dismal selection of films, and sundry mishaps with the audience. Just when they're about to write off the theater as a loss, crafty old Tom comes up with an underhanded but effective method to allow the Spencers to make a huge profit on their shaky enterprise.

Spirit Rider

Jesse Threebears is a troubled Native-American teen who has been tossed from one foster home to the next since his mother died when he was an infant. Finally, he is taken in by his grandfather who, after a ten year stint in prison, is living on the reservation. With the help of his grandfather and several others who live on the reservation, Jesse begins to learn about his heritage and how to come to terms with his troubled life. 


Captain Howdy is caught luring the teenage daughter of a detective in a trap he created on the internet. Strangeland DVD Eventually he is caught and rehabilitated but his new peaceful persona doesn't last for long.

Two-Way Stretch

Peter Sellers has planned the perfect robbery while in prison. He intends to break out of prison, steal a fortune in diamonds, and break back into prison before anyone notices. With only a few days sentence left, and the perfect alibi - what could possibly go wrong ?

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