Friday, August 9, 2013

Storytime: Gone the Library

Last week's Storytime theme was fishing.

Our volunteer reader of the week, Mrs. Jeanne, shared a wonderful story with the children called "Tiny Learns to Fish" by Craig Bartlett.

Tiny Learns to Fish is about a fishing trip. Mr. Pteranodon takes the kids to the pond to teach them how to fish. There's just one problem. Tiny can't catch a fish, and Buddy can't fly, so they team up to catch fish together! 

In keeping with our fishing theme, we did a little fishing of our own at the library. With fishing poles at the ready, we took a chance with our imaginary pond and landed a ton of colorful fish. We even had a mermaid fish in the bunch! 

After all of the kids caught their share of fish, we wiggled like worms on a hook to the snack area. Would you eat a worm? Some of the children didn't think they could. While some of the kids turned their noses up to our cherry flavored jello worms; others jumped for the chance to give them a try. The fishing themed cupcakes were a big hit amongst all of the kids. Thank goodness! To be honest, the creepy, wiggly jello worms were absolutely delicious!