Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Lakeside Reunion by Lisa Jordan

Bed-and-breakfast owner Lindsey Porter prays she won't run into Stephen Chase when she returns to Shelby Lake. 

Five years ago, the cop jilted her to marry another woman, and Lindsey fled town. But no sooner does she hit city limits than Stephen pulls her over for a broken taillight. Despite the past, he's still able to stir up Lindsey's old feelings for him. 

Now a widower and single dad, Stephen recognizes a second chance when he sees one. And he'll do anything to make Lindsey trust in God and take a risk for love—again.

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A Family of Their Own by Gail Gaymer Martin

With her daughter's health back on track, Kelsey Rhodes counts her blessings. But life is still not easy for the sweet single mom. She craves companionship, yet finds it difficult to trust anyone. Ross Salburg seems like the perfect match for her. The handsome single dad also struggles to keep his daughter healthy. 

Can Kelsey convince Ross to take a leap of faith and meld their two families into one?

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Homecoming Blessings by Merrillee Whren
Dalton Brothers Series Book # 3

A small-town gal who does God's work for a living? Big-city businessman Peter Dalton doesn't think he and fresh-from-the-field missionary Ashley Hiatt have "anything" in common. Until his boss--her father--pairs them together on a special project to help those less fortunate. Suddenly, instead of making money, Peter is making dreams come true. He's a changed man. Well, maybe not when it comes to settling down. With his past, he's just not cut out for family life. 

But lovely Ashley seems to think otherwise...and is making it her mission to prove it for good.

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Montana Match by Merrillee Whren

Nanny to six-year-old twin girls isn't exactly the position Brittany Gorman is looking for. But she needs a job. And the twins' struggling single dad, rancher Parker Watson, needs all the help he can get. Soon Brittany is not only assisting with the girls, but also helping Parker make peace with his past. It seems Brittany's finally found a place to belong. And with two little matchmakers on the loose, there's no telling what the future holds. 

As her time on the ranch runs out, can Brittany and Parker find the strength to face that future--together?

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Undercover Bodyguard by Shirlee McCoy
Heroes for Hire Series Book # 6

Bakery owner Shelby Simons can't deny a stalker is after her. Still, knowing she's at risk is one thing. Admitting she needs a bodyguard is quite another. Especially when the bodyguard is Ryder Malone. The former SEAL is too big, too tough and way too attractive. Yet Ryder won't take no for an answer. If she can't find a place for him in her life, he'll make one, working undercover to protect Shelby and find her attacker. 

But as Ryder and Shelby get closer to answers—and each other—the killer starts closing in…

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Oklahoma Reunion by Tina Radcliffe

Single mother Kait Field is back home in the small Oklahoma town she left eight years ago. It's time to empty the family home, close the door on the past and introduce her daughter, Jenna, to her daddy. Ryan Jones hasn't quite forgiven his teenage sweetheart, who left him with unanswered questions and a broken heart. But Kait was never accepted by his controlling family, and they don't seem any more welcoming this time around. 

Yet now Ryan and Kait are resolved that nothing will come between renewed promises of faith, forever—and the second chance that neither expected.(

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Healing Autumn's Heart by Renee Andrews
Claremont Alabama Series Book # 2

Little Autumn barely speaks—and rarely smiles. So as a fresh start for both himself and his daughter, widowed doctor Matt Graham moves to a small Southern town. There they happen across a lovely young woman named Hannah Taylor. Something about Hannah awakens the girl, and suddenly Autumn is full of sweet chatter and laughter. In remission from the very illness that took so much from Matt and Autumn, Hannah seems to understand what the family of two needs. She's healed his daughter's heart. 

But can he open his enough to accept her love?

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Her Rodeo Cowboy by Debra Clopton
Mule Hollow Homecoming Series Book # 1

Everything accountant Montana Brown thought she knew about love and marriage goes topsy-turvy when her parents split up. Shaken, she heads to Mule Hollow, Texas, to stay with family and take a chance on an old dream: being a cowgirl. With all her might, she tries to resist the charms of a too-handsome cowboy. Luke Holden is going after his own dream of expanding his ranch. A wife isn't on his wish list. 

But the Mule Hollow matchmakers are fixin' to lasso Luke and Montana together--with a little faith and love.

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Small-Town Sweethearts by Jean C. Gordon

Summoned as temporary guardian for her teenage niece, Emily Hazard returns to Paradox Lake. On one condition—she won't let herself think about staying. Emily always felt like a misfit in her tiny hometown.
But she doesn't count on falling for handsome Drew Stacey, a former Wall Streeter who's getting the town church camp ready. Though he surprises Emily with his handiness with tools, understanding of teenagers and his steady faith, she'll soon head back to New York. Unless her small-town sweetheart asks her to stay forever.
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Lost Legacy by Dana Mentink

Brooke Ramsey is running out of time. She needs to save her father's reputation before she loses him to illness. That means finding the painting that went missing while in his care. Fast. Which is why she teams up with Victor Gage, owner of Treasure Seekers agency.The charming private detective has more at stake than uncovering a lost masterpiece. He's investigating his wife's death, and the artwork holds the answer. 

As Victor and Brooke draw closer to each other, so does a murderer. Someone wants the past to remain buried and will kill again to keep it hidden.

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Restless Hearts by Marta Perry
The Flanagans Series Book # 6

A search for her roots brought midwife Fiona Flanagan to Pennsylvania Dutch country-- and made her wonder whether she should turn back. The area's mixture of Amish and English culture confused her, and her first encounter with local police chief Ted Rittenhouse didn't help. he'd thought she was breaking into her own office! Despite the misunderstanding, Fiona could see that Ted's tough-as-nails exterior hid a kind soul-- one caught between two worlds, seeking a place to belong. 

She felt the same, but trusting him with her heart would require the biggest step of faith she had ever taken.

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