Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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Sifting Through Secrets by Elizabeth Hawn

Spry senior Ida Mae Poindexter knows an extra slice of her pound cake will solve most problems. Still, she is understandably shaken when highway workers uncover a skeleton that might be that of her long-lost sister, Vonda. But when Vonda appears at her door, looking like a country-club socialite, Ida Mae has questions. Where has she been these past sixty years? How come she looks so good? And whose skeleton was it on the side of the highway, with a bullet hole through the skull?

Of course, it helps to have a grandson on the police force—and her best friend, Claudia, living right next door. So when another untimely death occurs, Ida Mae and Claudia can't help but dig into a mystery ripe with corruption, drug dealing and bad politics. Armed with heaping plates of comfort food, the delightful duo hunt a killer who has an appetite for murder.

A Year and a Day by Inglath Cooper

She has the life most women dream of...

Too bad for Audrey Colby it's all a facade. Her seemingly devoted husband is really a monster. Their high-society "friends" protect his ugly secrets. The mansion they live in is just a gilded prison for her and her son, Sammy. Everything hinges on escape. One day, Audrey decides she and her son need to escape. She's had enough. If only Nicholas Wakefield would stop interfering.

Former state prosecutor Nicholas has seen his share of violence perpetrated against women. He knows there are some injustices he can't make right, like the unsolved rape and murder of his teenage sister. He failed her. But he won't fail Audrey...

Rules of Engagement by Bonnie K. Winn

Death changes everything. But so does love.

When Tess Spencer's twin brother is killed overseas, she questions her patriotism and everything else she's ever believed in. Until, by accident, she ends up with the missing computer of Cole Harrington, CEO of Harrington Industries. Captain Cole Harrington, recently returned from a year's deployment in the Middle East.

Falling in love has never been this easy...or this impossible.

The Story Between Them by Molly O'Keefe

The scoop of Jennifer Stern's career has just landed on her doorstep. Literally. Ian Greer--the playboy son of a former president--is everything the headlines claim. But Jennifer soon suspects he's pulling a fast one on the tabloids and there's a different man behind the good times. He's a puzzle she longs to unravel, especially when he hints about a newsworthy tale that could scandalize the nation.

Too bad she's turned her back on journalism. And with the attraction sizzling between her and Ian, her objectivity is bound to be compromised. Still, can she refuse a once-in-a-lifetime piece? And if she breaks the story, can she keep the man?