Monday, December 31, 2012

Have a Cozy Movie Night With a Thrilling NEW DVD

Note: Our movie collection is available due to patron donations. If you would like to donate to the collection, we would greatly appreciate it.  

This Christmas (2008)
A Christmastime drama centered around the Whitfield family's first holiday together in four years.

Super 8 (2011)
During the summer of 1979, a group of friends witness a train crash and investigate subsequent unexplained events in their small town. 

The Good Thief (2003)
An aging gambler on a losing streak attempts to rob a casino in the South of France. But someone's already tipped off the cops before he even makes a move. 

Traffic (2002)
A conservative judge is appointed by the President to spearhead America's escalating war against drugs, only to discover that his teenage daughter is an addict. 

The Red Baron (2010)
Baron Manfred von Richthofen is the most feared and celebrated pilot of the German air force in World War I. To him and his companions, air combats are events of sporty nature, technical challenge and honorable acting, ignoring the terrible extent of war.

But after falling in love with the nurse K├Ąte, Manfred realizes he is only used for propaganda means. Caught between his disgust for the war, and the responsibility for his fighter wing, von Richthofen sets out to fly again.

Think Like A Man (2012)
Four friends conspire to turn the tables on their women when they discover the ladies have been using Steve Harvey's relationship advice against them. 

Murder, Inc. (2006)
Based on the true-life book of lawman Burton Turkus, this movie chronicles the rise and fall of the organized crime syndicate known as Murder, Incorporated. Focusing on powerful boss Lepke and violent hitman Reles.

Tigerland (2001)
A group of recruits go through Advanced Infantry Training at Fort Polk, Louisiana's infamous Tigerland, last stop before Vietnam for tens of thousands of young men in 1971.

The Messenger (2009)
An American soldier struggles with an ethical dilemma when he becomes involved with a widow of a fallen officer. 

Wrong Turn 3-Pack (2009)
Wrong Turn--An indescribably nightmare begins when a group of young friends is stranded on an isolated road deep in the Appalachian hills of West Virginia, with no hope of rescue. Desperate and fearing for their lives, the horror surges as they find themselves relentlessly pursued by a force of evil beyond their imagination!

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End--A post-apocalyptic reality show, in which participants are challenged to survive a remote West Virginia wasteland, turns into a nightmarish showdown when the contestants realize they're being hunted for real by an inbred family of cannibals!

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead--The bloodcurdling horror continues with footage too shocking for theaters! When the most vicious killers in the country escape from a prison transport bus, Three Finger and his family of cannibalistic mutants may have met their match!