Friday, December 14, 2012

New Larger Print Romance Titles Available

The Wrong Man For Her by Kathryn Shay

Nick Logan had a gift for counseling teens who came from violent homes, but his job at the Rockford Crime Victims' Center wasn't easy. Three years ago he and Madelyn Walsh had started out as coworkers and turned into lovers. Until he'd broken their engagement, convinced anyone else would make a better husband. Now Madelyn was "Dr." Walsh and the boss. Their new relationship was about rules-- not romance-- and she wasn't about to let herself fall for him again. 

But time had taught Nick a thing or two about love-- like not worrying too much about being wrong for her if she was right for him.

The Other Woman's Son by Darlene Gardner

Clay Dillon is everyone's hero--especially to his family. So when his kid sister needs a kidney, he tracks down Jenna Wright. Jenna's the only one who can help, but to gain her trust he has to lie. Jenna believes Clay can be everything to her until she finds out who he really is--the son of the woman who ruined her life. In that instant Jenna's dreams for a future with Clay dissolve.

Jenna is in so deep, she actually considers doing what Clay asks. But how can she help his family at the expense of her own?

Independence Day by Amy Frazier

She won't be taken for granted!
By tossing the laundry out the bedroom window, Chessie McCabe announces to her teenage daughters and her husband, Nick—and the rest of Pritchard's Neck—she's on strike until her needs are met. 

But who could have foreseen what her personal rebellion would dredge up? Certainly not Chessie.