Friday, July 26, 2013

Fun and Exciting New Children's Books for Young Readers

 Let's Go Camping with Mr. Sillypants by M.K. Brown

When Mr. Sillypants gets lost on a camping trip, he has a dream about "The Three Bears".

Jerome Camps Out by Eileen Christelow

Jerome Alligator is going on a camping trip with his Swamp School classmates. Jerome and his pal P.J. are excited about swimming, hiking, fishing, and sleeping in a tent, but the class bully, Buster, turns out to be their tentmate, and he's up to his usual nasty tricks.  

Ape by Martin Jenkins

Swing with a hairy orangutan and her baby as they lunge for a smelly, spiky durian fruit. Roam and play with a gang of chimps, then poke out some tasty termites with a blade of grass. Chatter and feast on figs with a bonobo, or chomp on bamboo with a gorilla as he readies for sleep. What could be better than spending time with these rare and wonderful creatures — after all, the fifth great ape on this planet is you!

Cuckoo / Cucu by Lois Ehlert (Bilingual - Spanish / English)

Cuckoo is beautiful. Trouble is, she's lazy. She never does her share of work-that is, until a field fire threatens the season's seed crop and Cuckoo is the only one who can save it. But will she risk harming her lovely feathers by flying through the thick smoke and flames?
Let’s Watch the Ants Dance! by Sascha Paladino

It's the day of the big dance show and the ants refuse to dance!  When Kai-lan discovers one ant is being bossy, it's up to her to teach her friends that it's important to give everyone a choice.
Special Agent OSO: Redfinger by Marcy Kelman

When Juan scrapes his finger at the playground, he has to act fast! But what should he do first? Juan's not quite sure. Good thing Special Agent Oso is on the case! He and Paw Pilot have three special steps for Juan to follow, but they need your help! Join them on their special assignment-code name: Redfinger!

Janey and the Famous Author by Mary Downing Hahn

Third-grader Janey is never without a Bob the Dog Detective book by her favorite author, Lily May Appleton. She sneaks reading time during school and is often scolded for letting her mind wander. Janey snaps to attention, though, when her teacher mentions Ms. Appleton’s name. The author is scheduled to speak at a children’s literature festival, and Janey’s class will have a chance to meet her!

At last the big day comes, but once again Janey’s daydreaming gets her into trouble. She becomes separated from her class and completely misses the session with Ms. Appleton. Lost and devastated, Janey is consoled by a kind stranger who claims to be none other than—Lily May Appleton!


Some Things Go Together by Charlotte Zolotow

This lyrical, joyous celebration of life draws on pairings of delightful things found in the world around us.

A Very Mater Christmas by Frank Berrios

Lightning McQueen and Mater enjoy the holidays in Radiator Springs!  

Upstairs Mouse, Downstairs Mole by Wong Yee
Mouse and Mole are neighbors. Mouse lives inside an oak tree, and Mole lives in a hole underneath. They are neighbors, but they are also friends. Sometimes friends make mistakes, but friends always try to help each other out. That is what Mouse and Mole do.