Monday, July 15, 2013

Wonderfully Illustrated Children's Books Available this Month

Tiny Learns to Fish by Grosset

Mr. Pteranodon is taking the kids to the big pond to teach them how to fish. There's just one problem. Tiny can't catch a fish, and Buddy can't fly, so they team up to catch fish together! 
Camille's Team by Stuart J. Murphy

Camille loves to build sand forts at the beach. But it's hard to build a fort alone. Camille and her friends make a plan. They find that they can get more done-and have more fun-when they work together.
A Lion's Pride by Catherine Hapka

Introduces readers to a lioness and her cub and their life on the African plains. Jam-packed with beautiful photographs, this storybook includes fun lion facts and is ideal for younger fans of the film!

Pixie Hollow Games: Team Spirit by Kitty Richards

Pixie Hollow Games, a brand-new Disney Channel TV special starring Tinker Bell and all her Disney Fairies friends, is retold in this full-color storybook. Girls will love getting to read about Tink's new adventures over and over again.
Bear At Home / Oso en casa by Stella Blackstone (Bilingual - English / Spanish)

Come along with Bear and learn about the different rooms of his house. Rhyme and repetition builds vocabulary and a full spread "blueprint" of Bear's house reinforces the learning layers. This bilingual edition includes vocabulary words in Spanish and English and is perfect for classroom or home learning.
Counting in the Garden by Kim Parker

In "Counting in the Garden," readers count from 1 to 10, searching among the colorful flowers for various creatures hidden among Kim Parker's lush garden scenes.

From butterflies to inchworms, ducklings to turtles, kids will love to seek and find the insects and animals that crawl, hop, and fly.

Bear About Town / Oso en la ciudad by Stella Blackstone (Bilingual - English / Spanish)

From Monday to Sunday, Bear is busy round and about town: buying bread, running errands, going to the gym and meeting his friends. This bilingual edition includes vocabulary words in Spanish and English and is perfect for classroom or home learning.
My Wild Sister and Me by Iris Wewer

Having a wild big sister—who can be a giraffe one day, a giant bear the next, and a racing rabbit the day after that—is just about the very best thing that can happen to little brother.
Toot and Puddle: Charming Opal by Holly Hobbie 

It's summertime, and Toot and Puddle's little cousin, Opal, is visiting Woodcock Pocket when she discovers that she has a loose tooth. Opal carefully places it under her pillow and hopes the tooth fairy will bring her a shiny quarter. Worried that the tooth fairy might get lost on the way, Puddle puts on a special costume so that Opal won't be disappointed. But will the real tooth fairy show up after all?
Louis the Tiger Who Came From the Sea by Michal Kozlowski

"What do you do with a tiger named Louis who came from the sea?"

One morning, Ali and Ollie are awoken by a beastly snore. They look out the window and what do they see? Is it a giant carrot? A pumpkin? No, it's a tiger, soaking wet and fast asleep. They decide his name must be Louis and he must have come from the sea. Ali and Ollie agree that he's hungry, so they venture outside with milk and cereal. When Mother and Father join them, Louis wakes up with a mighty roar. Everyone scampers inside -- followed by Louis, who pads in through the open door. While the family huddles upstairs, Louis sleeps by the fire and luxuriates in the bathtub. Before long, Ali and Ollie come up with an ingenious plan to help Louis return to the sea.

At the Boardwalk by Kelly Fineman

Beach time, tasty treats, games, rides, music, and souvenirs! The boardwalk has something for everyone. This rhyming story captures the sounds, sights, and flavors of spending a day at the boardwalk; where summer memories are made!
The Sounds Around Town by Maria Carluccio

What do you hear when you walk outside? This story follows a baby through his day in the city, focusing on the many sounds that he hears. From birdsong in the morning to the hubbub of traffic on the streets and the sounds and smells of the market and caf, this simple, interactive picture book will open up your ears.

Mooshka a Quilt Story by Julie Paschkis

Karla loves Mooshka, a quilt composed of scraps of fabric from many members of Karlas family. But Mooshka is more than a quiltit can talk, comforting Karla at bedtime. Each square or schnitz, tells her stories of her ancestors and their lives. When new baby sister Hannah arrives, Karlas routine is upset and Mooshka falls silent. Only when Karla shares Mooshka with her sister does the quilt begin to speak again and tell Hannah stories of Karlas early life.
Home by Alex Smith

Four best friends, One, Two, Three and Four all live in a house that is a home. They live happily, all together, until One decides he wants to become a pirate. Two wants to move to the mountains, Three prefers exploring caves and Four thinks it would be a great idea to move to the city and boogie-woogie all night long! The friends can't agree on where they should go, so they go their separate ways and take different parts of the house with them. Soon they find that without each other a house truly isn't a home. The four best friends work together and find a solution to visiting different places.
The Cloud by Hannah Cumming

A story of a young girl who seems to have a black cloud over her.
Tiger Goes Collecting by Linda Ayers

Tiger collects lots of things. His baby sister Kelly tries to eat his bugs though, and his string collection is starting to annoy his mother. When he takes his dog Spike to the park to look for bottle caps, Spike has other ideas. 

First Science Experiments: Nifty Nature by Shar Levine

Plants that grow and blossom, intriguing wildlife, water and dirt, and the environment: by looking at all the wonderful elements of nature, kids will begin to discover science principles in everyday life. As they carry out experiments with handy items, they’ll uncover the reasons why leaves change color in the fall, why ants march in a line, and lots of life’s other fascinating mysteries. Young scientists will check out where seeds come from and cultivate their own. Take a close look at a ladybug’s spots and find out what they mean. See what happens when oil gets in water, what’s inside a rock, how to help the environment, and more.

Cheetah Cubs by Ginjer Clarke

Kids love cheetahs. Not only are they the fastest land animals, they also have the most adorable cubs that love to play and roll around all day long. Veteran science book author Ginjer L. Clarke seamlessly intertwines a narrative about a cheetah mother and her cubs with facts and figures about these fascinating animals.