Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun New Titles for Young Readers

Mud Tacos! By Mario Lopez

Would you eat a wormy, squirmy mud taco? 

Marissa loves her big brother, Mario. He always comes up with fun ideas. When playing in their nana?s backyard, they decide to make some wormy, squirmy mud tacos. That gives Mario an idea?how about some real tacos for lunch. Before long it is off to the store with Nana, but first they must pick up their cousins Rosie and Chico. 

When Chico starts acting like a hotshot to prove that he is a big kid, can his cousins, with the help of a few mud tacos, show him how to have some real fun?
Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie jar? By Viviana Garofoli

Did you take the cookie from the cookie jar? If it wasn't YOU, then who was it?

The Golly Sisters Ride Again by Betsy Byars

It's show time May-May and Rose, those hilarious singing and dancing Golly sisters, return for five more zany adventures in which they find a talking rock, run into some bad luck, and take a vacation that's pure Golly folly.

Betsy Byars' third book about his wacky pair, brought to life by Sue Truesdell, will have beginning readers laughing even louder as the Golly sisters ride again.

The Big Cheese (Ratatouille) by Apple Jordan

A cuisine of local garbage just won't cut it—he has a taste for the finer foods in life. 

Can Remy make his dream of becoming a gourmet chef come true? 

Find out in this fun-filled Step 2 reader that retells Disney Pixar's animated film, Ratatouille!

Biscuit and the Little Pup by Alyssa Capucilli

When Biscuit finds a little pup in the park, he wants the pup to play with him. But the little pup won't come over to look at Biscuit's ball or to chew on a bone. In fact, he won't come out of his cozy hideaway at all! Is the little pup lost?

How will Biscuit get the little pup to come out? Can he help his new friend's owner find the little pup too?

Biscuit continues to charm the hearts of friends old and new in this, his twelfth adventure for the youngest of readers.

The Penguins of Madagascar: Operation: Wonder from Down Under by Dave Server

Transferring their animated exploits from the big and small screens to the pages of a comic book, Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico return in a series of all-new adventures, once again putting their military minds together as they plot to return Mia, a saddened duck-billed platypus, to her native Australia. 

With Operation: Zoo Toodeloo underway, the quartet of penguins must outrun King Julien and the lemurs while crisscrossing the globe and, hopefully, make it to the land down under before Mia's babies are born.  

The Penguins of Madagascar: Elite Strike Force by Michael Steele

The Elite Strike Force (aka the penguins) as they search for a cure for the cooties pandemic, teach King Julien about April Fool's Day, and help create a new ad for the zoo! 

Olivia Says Good Night by Gabe Pulliam

It’s almost bedtime. After reading a story about a princess who has an adventure in the desert, Olivia is inspired to build a tent, just like the one in the story. But Mom says it’s time to clean up to get ready for bed. What’s a princess-to-be to do? Olivia has an idea. With help from her brother, Ian, Princess Olivia makes a tent while cleaning up . . . and finally settles down for a good night’s sleep.