Thursday, October 10, 2013

Entertaining NEW Books in the Childrens Section

Outside-in by Clare Smallman

Children learn about their bodies and get scientifically sound answers to questions they're likely to ask. The concepts are kept easy, and flap-up illustrations show many of the body's organs. 

This book will appeal to pre-schoolers through the early elementary grades. More than 30 full-color illustrations show the main parts of the body -- heart, lungs, digestive system, muscles, bones, and skin. Lift-flaps help kids locate organs in relation to other parts of the body.

Dolphin finds a Star by Moira Butterfield

Can you help Splash the dolphin to search the ocean for a magical star? 

This heart warming story has illustrations that glitter and twinkle.

Toes, Ears, and Noses! by Marion Bauer

Inside my boots I've got toes,
and beneath my scarf is a... 

Baby is bundled in a mountain of clothes! Peek under the flaps of clothing to find out what's underneath, and play this fun peekaboo book again and again!


Cars 2 by Chase Wheeler

This oversized, sturdy board book version of the Little Golden Book retells the action-packed, high-speed tale of Disney/Pixar Cars 2. 

Young fans ages 1-4 will love seeing Mater and Lightning McQueen in a board book made just for them!

That Yucky Love Thing by Michael Catchpool

Sam is sick of that yucky love thing -- everywhere he looks people are hugging and kissing -- it's disgusting! There's only one thing for it. Sam hops on his bicyle to get away as far as he can.

But even in the depths of the jungle and at the bottom of the ocean there's no escape! So how will he feel when he slips over and finds a little girl who wants to reach out her hand to him?

Song for a Princess by Rachael Mortimer

A humble little wren makes the lonely princess happy again when he sings a song full of all the wonderful words he's been collecting in his nest.

When the birds in the palace garden realize the princess is sad, they decide to offer their best to make her smile again. The peacock tries first, proudly displaying his beautiful plumes, but the princess barely lifts her head to look. 

Then the magpie brings silver and gold, but she only asks him whose jewels he stole. A banquet from the kingfisher, the jackdaws' aerial show -- nothing helps. Then the wren perches on her balcony and sings a soothing story full of all the happy words he's been collecting. "Please never leave, little wren," the princess says, "and I shall never be lonely."
The Sleep Sheep by Anna McQuinn

Sylvie wants to count the sheep so that she can finally fall asleep, but how can she if they won't stay still? Dancing, skating, swimming sheep--it's exhausting keeping up with them!"You're exasperating, Sylvie," her mother says. "I'm not trying to be exasperating, Mommy," Sylvie replies, "I just can't sleep!" "Why don't you try counting sheep?" her mom suggests. 

So Sylvie tries. She shuts her eyes and imagines hundreds and hundreds of sheep, all in a row. But no sooner have the sheep lined up than they start to jig! And jog. And rollerblade and scooter and skateboard. Straight to the beach, where they go swimming! 

After all this activity, the sheep start to nap. At last they're still! Now Sylvie can count them: "1, 2, 3, Zzzz" The sheep thought she'd never nod off!
Humphrey's Playtime by Sally Hunter

Humphrey loves playtime!

There's so much to do - from marching his animals around, to painting pictures for Mom, to swinging on his own special swing, Humphrey is always busy.

But there is one thing that Humphrey likes very best of all…

My Dad is Fantastic by Igloo Books

Join Little Puppy and his dad as they make a mess at breakfast, build the best tree house ever and search for buried treasure.

Enter a world of playful fun and tender moments in this beautifully illustrated book, perfect to share and keep forever.

Little Pip and the Rainbow Wish by Elizabeth Baguley

Little Pip would love to play dodge-the-raindrop and puddle-splashing with Spike and Milly one rainy afternoon. But he's just too shy. "Perhaps, Pip thought, if I had something to give them, they would play with me." Then Pip sees a rainbow. 

What a wonderful present that would be! But the rainbow is so far away. Maybe Spike and Milly can help him reach it... 

This inspiring tale of friendship is made extra special by the magical sparkle on the rainbow throughout.
Unicorn Wings by Mallory Loehr

"I wish I had wings." The white unicorn can heal wounds with his horn. He can make rainbows. 

But what he really wants is to fly. So he sets off on a quest--past birds and butterflies--to find wings of his own.

A charming Step Into Reading Level 2 book with a ton of girl appeal.


Shining Star by Megan McDonald

The news is forecasting lots of shooting stars for tonight. Star and her best friend Blister wait all day. 

They ride bikes. They paint pictures.

But even after it gets dark, they don’t see a single flash. Will Star ever see her shining star? 

Shining Star is a Step Into Reading Level 3 book and the sequel to Lucky Star.

Dodsworth in New York by Tim Egan

Dodsworth wanted adventure. He wanted to see the world. He especially wanted to visit New York City. 

What he didn’t want was to be joined by a duck. A crazy duck. A duck that misbehaves. 

Young readers will laugh out loud at the duck’s silly antics as Dodsworth has the unexpected adventure of his life in the Big Apple . . . and beyond.
Animal Disguises by Emma Ryan (Non-Fiction)

You'll love learning about these amazing animals...once you find them!

For some animals it pays to be brightly colored and highly noticeable, especially if it frightens away a predator. However, some animals prefer a different approach: hiding in plain sight.

This reader provides a basic introduction to animals that use camouflage. It shows how many animals--in the air, on land, or under the sea--use their camouflage to either evade their enemies or hunt their prey. 

Whether they're blending in with their environment or looking like another animal altogether, their survival depends entirely on how well they can play hide-and-seek.
Curious George: Tadpole Trouble by Mark Williams 

Curious George’s friend Bill has put him in charge of several tadpoles. George sends the tadpoles for a nice swim in the lagoon, but to his dismay, the tadpoles don’t return! 

Each time he goes back to the lake he tries to find the tadpoles, but he finds only tadpole-like creatures without tails . . . and with legs. 

A trip to the museum teaches George about the development of tadpoles into frogs, and he and Bill are happy to make the acquaintance of their new froggy friends!