Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Westerns

.45 Caliber Fury by Peter Brandvold

One day cold-blooded killers stole the life of Cuno Massey's young, expectant bride. Now, Cuno realizes his fate—and with his .45 in hand, he's going to make certain the killers realize theirs. Because if there's one thing Cuno has come to thirst for, it's the bittersweet taste of revenge.

Border Justice by Frederic Bean

Texas sheriff Jim Ed Crow heads into Mexico, accompanied by two hardened gunfighters and a cold-blooded killer, to track down a vicious gang of pistoleros responsible for a bloody massacre in the Texas town of Carrizo Springs.

Partners by Paul Bagdon

His name is L. B. Taylor, but everyone in Burnt Rock, Texas, calls him Pound. They also call him the town drunk. Pound used to be a schoolteacher, but he traded in his job-- and his self-respect-- for a bottle a long time ago. All that s changing today. Today Pound made a new friend, a stranger in town named Zeb Stone, and Zeb is about to take Pound under his wing, pull him out of the gutter, and teach him a new career. Zeb is a shootist, a hired gun, who s looking for a partner. Pound is going to learn to live without booze, to ride, and to shoot. But he ll also learn the hard way that riding with a shootist is more dangerous than drowning in a bottle ever was!

The Hunted by James Reasoner

After the war, a lone Confederate soldier and onetime gunslinger emerges from a Yankee prison camp and faces a harsh frontier winter, outlaws, state police, and Indians in a quest to find his six children. 

The Sons of Daniel Shaye: Vengeance Creek by Robert J. Randisi

Having lost a wife to violence and a son to retribution, onetime Texas sheriff Daniel Shaye has brought what remains of his shattered family -- two grown boys fiercely devoted to their father and justice -- to Vengeance Creek, Arizona. In a lawless town, they become the law, grieving for their slain loved ones while looking to start a new life free of further bloodshed. But destiny has other plans for the Shayes.

Eight men ride into town with designs on the bank's money -- and when they ride out, a dozen innocent people are dead and Dan Shaye is down with a gunshot wound. Now it's up to his boys to settle one more score, riding hell for leather toward a final reckoning ... and a mystery.

And if Death comes again for the sons of Daniel Shaye, so be it, because any man who won't lay down his life for what is right is no man at all.