Thursday, May 16, 2013

Book Signing Event: Mary Keith author of Little Sister and the Gink-A-What

The Friends of the Library are hosting a book signing event for local author Mary Keith. Join us at the library on Friday, May 17th at 6:00pm to learn more about Mary's debut children's book "Little Sister and the Gink-A-What. 

About the Book:

Little Sister and the Gink-A-What is a true story about Little Sister and the GINKABOODLE, an animal that lived in her brother, Jimmie's imagination. It illustrates the wonderful creations and ideas that come from a child's mind.

The cover is a reproduction of the original drawing of the GINKABOODLE, done when the author's brother, Jimmie, was about 10. The wonderful illustrations by Sally McAfee, (who modestly says, 'I just like to draw!') will captivate and inspire.

About the Author:

Houston, Texas is the hometown of Mary Durham Keith, the youngest of five siblings. She has four grown daughters, and six wonderful grandchildren, all of whom inspire and delight. This is the author's first book, but there are many other little sister stories waiting to be told. She also writes poetry and essays.

Mary and her husband Don live in Trinity, TX (Trinity County), near Lake Livingston.