Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Children's Books to Inspire Young Readers

Dear Dragon Goes to the Library by Margaret Hillbert

A boy and his pet dragon go to story time and take out books from the library.
Glory by Nancy White Carlston

With words that sing and colors that spill joy across the pages, Glory celebrates creation and the way every creature praises God. Whether winged or finned or furry, each creature -- by being and doing what it was made to be and do.
The Whole Night Through by David Frampton

The moon's sweet lullaby of light falls softly through the jungle night down past the leafy bongo tree where everyone's asleep but me!

The rhino is nestling in his bed. So are the crocodile and the zebra. The mouse is resting, the butterfly is snoozing, and the lions are snoring, Every animal in the jungle has closed its eyes for the night-everyone except the leopard. He is determined to stay awake the whole night through, but suddenly, wink...blink...yawn...yawn...shushhhhhhhhhh

David Frampton has created a charming lullaby for tiny children who try very hard every night to stay awake, Rhythmic text and beautiful woodcuts of jungle animals combine to make a perfect book to share at bedtime.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way: a Barrio Story/ No tiene que ser asi: Una historia del barrio by Luis Rodriquez (Bilingual--Spanish/English edition)

Monchi likes to write poems, hang out with his cousin, and tell stories to his uncle. Then one day, a member of the local gang tells him it's time to join up. Monchi is scared but excited. The older boys give him the handshake, girls talk to him, and even teachers are afraid of him. But when a tragic event changes everything, Monchi must make an important decision. There is no easy answer to his dilemma, but the love and respect of his uncle help him find a way out. 

Written in both English and Spanish, It Doesn't Have to Be This Way is a compelling tale of a young boy's encounter with the world of gangs.

I’m Going to California/Yo Voy A California by Mary Wade (Bilingual--Spanish/English edition)

Who doesn't dream of being a movie star?  When a little girl imagines that she is in the movies --can you figure out which ones?-- her mother points out many of the fascinating features of the state.

Brilliantly colored pictures reveal the way the child sees herself, but the real things are there too -- the swallows at Capistrano, the  mammoths at La Brea Tar Pits.    Dream about being a movie star if you like, but add excitement to your life by cruising California.

My Mexico/Mexico Mio by Tony Johnston (Bilingual--Spanish/English edition)

Sway to the sounds, reach for the colors, dance to the rhythms, and you will find your own Mexico in these poems in both English and Spanish. 
Barfburger Baby, I Was Here First by Paula Danziger

Barfburger Baby isn't the only name Jonathon has for his new baby brother, Daniel. Sure, he spits up all the time, but Gasburger Baby and Snotburger Baby also fit him - for obvious reasons.
And today all the relatives are coming over to meet the baby. They make silly faces and coo at Daniel. Jonathon just doesn't get it. 

Why does everyone make such a big deal out of the baby? And why do they still insist on calling him his baby nickname - Jonathon Pookie Bear? He doesn't even play with Pookie Bear anymore. But he does know just where to find him, and he figures out the perfect way to pass his nickname on so he can be just Jonathon.

Salsa by Lillian Colon-Vila (Bilingual--Spanish/English edition)

Young Rita gets all kind of advice about salsa music from her family -- how to play and sing it, how to dance to it, even how to dress for it! Learning about dance steps and musical instruments such as the guiro, piano, timbales, congas, and brass, Rita becomes so filled with enthusiasm that she dreams of someday becoming a salsa band director. 

With vibrant illustrations that capture the very essence, spirit and rhythm of salsa, this captivating picture book literally dances in the reader's hands. Both children and adults will have trouble keeping their feet from tapping as they read this enchanting tale.