Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer is ALMOST Here...Time to Read Something FUN!

The Worst Witch at School by Jill Murphy
(Worst Witch Series Book #1 and #2)

Mildred Hubble's first term at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches starts badly when, unlike her classmates, she can't control her broom, her kitten, or her spells.

Mildred is put in charge of the new girl Enid Nightshade with disastrous results, and Ethel gets up to her mean tricks again at Miss Cackle's birthday celebration.
Lily Quench and the Search for King Dragon by Natalie Prior

In the distant past, during the Great War of the Dragons, Queen Dragon's fiance disappeared through the Eye in Time, never to be heard from again. Now Lily Quench has discovered a clue to his whereabouts, and she must accompany Queen Dragon to find him. They arrive safely in a magical place known as the Valley of Eydelen, land of the dragons, ignorant of the fact that, back home, the unthinkable has happened: Gordon the Black Count has finally returned to reclaim the Black Empire! With Queen Dragon and its Chief Quencher away, the fate of Ashby looks grim.
The Skull of Truth by Bruce Coville

Now available in a twentieth anniversary edition, this modern classic has been given a new afterword by the author and stunning new jacket art by Tony DiTerlizzi.

Charlie Eggleston is the biggest liar in town. But after he steals The Skull, he finds he can only tell the truth--and now no one believes him!

Children's Choice Award Nominee
A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year
School Librarians International Honor Book
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Dress by Shani Petroff

Angel Garret knows two things for sure. The first is that she inherited some of her dad's powers. The second is that she wreaks havoc whenever she tries to use them - especially when she's trying to impress her crush, Cole. Angel's only solution is to stay as far away as possible from him until she learns how to harness this new gift. 

But how can you manage to avoid someone and get him to ask you to the Turkey Ball at the same time?
Dump Trucks and Dogsleds: I’m on My Way, Mom! By Henry Winkler

When Hank first heard that his mom was having a baby boy, he wasn't so thrilled. And when he finds out that the baby will be sharing his room, Hank is positively outraged! To make things easier, Dad suggests he take Hank and Emily away for some bonding. But on the first day of their trip, a freak snowstorm arrives. And then they get a call that the baby is coming early! Hank, Dad, and Emily know they have to get home - and fast! 

They hop on a train, hitch a ride on a dump truck, jump on a snowmobile, and climb into a dogsled, all in a desperate attempt to get home in time for Baby Zipzer's birth.
When Lightning Strikes by Lene Kaaberbol
(W.I.T.C.H. Adventures Series #1)

Will has a crush on Danny Nova, a new boy in school. He's cute, nice, and the best dancer! But there is something strange about Danny.... 

Soon after he comes to town, mysterious power outages start happening. Will isn't in the dark for long, as she and her four friends start off on a dangerous journey to solve the mystery. Will needs to use her special powers over energy to prove just how strong her heart truly is.

Give Me a Break by Laura Dower
(From the Files of Madison Finn Series #18)

Things in Far Hills are starting to get frosty. Madison's dad has offered to take her on a ski trip to Big Mountain, but there's a catch-she can only take one friend! When she has to decide between Fiona and Aimee, things go from frosty to downright icy. 

With a mountain to ski, a cute instructor to crush on, and some friendships to thaw, Maddie's winter break is shaping up to be one fast ride.
Eustace by Catherine Jinks
(Allie's Ghost Hunters Series #2)

After Allie's last experience with a ghost, she thought she was finally free of phantoms in her life—but that was before she went on a school trip to Hill End and found herself investigating several more of them. First there is the ghost of Granny Evans, pacing around the museum. Then she comes upon Eustace Harrow, possibly the ghost of a baby long dead, smashing things up in Taylor's cottage. 

When two of her classmates disappear, Allie realizes that things have gotten much more serious, and she must take action.
Elysium by Catherine Jinks
(Allie's Ghost Hunters Series #4)

To Allie, the Jenolan Caves ghost tour sounded like the perfect weekend for a ghost hunter like herself. She didn't realize she was setting herself up for a whole lot more than just a haunted hotel and endless family squabbles. Something was on her trail—something vicious, mysterious, and very, very smelly. Mystery lovers will be captivated by this tale full of suspense, intrigue, and unexpected twists and turns.

The Renegade by Terri Farley
(Phantom Stallion Series #4)

For the Phantom, there is only one girl.For Sam, there is only one horse.

When an ambitious rodeo contractor comes to town, Sam's worried. The woman wants to buy tamed mustangs from local ranchers, including Sam's dad, and doesn't seem to like taking no for an answer.

Then Sam spots the Phantom's herd -- without him. She's sure he's been captured by the rodeo, but how will she find him? And even if she does, how can she set him free?

Castaway Colt by Terri Farley
(Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island Series #4)

Darby is nervous about starting at her new school in Hawaii, and when she gets there it's even worse than she thought. Within the first week she's made an enemy--her stuck-up cousin from the other side of the island.

At least Darby has a new horse to go home to: a beautiful colt that she found abandoned on a remote beach. Darby loves the colt, and she knows he needs a good home. But when her new worst enemy's parents call to rescue him, will Darby be able to let him go?

Fire Maiden by Terri Farley
(Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island Series #5)

Darby is excited to go on a "volcano watch," camping out and observing the island's volcanoes, despite recent small earthquakes that could mean an eruption is coming. After all, Darby grew up in California, so she's used to the earth rumbling now and then. Plus, the expedition is perfect for working with Hoku, helping the young mustang learn to handle any situation.

But when the volcanoes do erupt, it's much scarier than Darby anticipated, and a stream of lava leaves Darby and Hoku stranded. Can Darby's horse-charming skills keep the mustang calm? Or will her filly run back to the wild?

Sea Shadow by Terri Farley
(Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island Series #6)

When an earthquake sets off a tsunami on the shores of Wild Horse Island, the mustangs of Crimson Vale are chased by the waves and left stranded on a dangerous hilltop.

Darby knows the lead mare, Medusa, will do anything to save her herd--but will she let the ranch hands bring her to safety? Or is it up to Darby to save Medusa and her band--before they're lost forever?

Mistwalker by Terri Farley
(Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island Series #7)

Darby doesn't understand how her mother, who grew up on Wild Horse Island, ever could have left. Now that Ellen Carter has come back to the island to visit, Darby hopes her mom won't want to leave again.

But Darby's grandfather and mother can't stop fighting, and Ellen wants to take her daughter back to California. When Darby finds a wild mare in the rain forest, she hatches a plan to convince her mom to stay--but will it work? Or will Darby have to leave the new home and wild horses she loves?

Water Lily by Terri Farley
(Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island Series #8)

After a tsunami washes over her Hawaiian island home, Darby Carter must pitch in to help get her grandfather's ranch back in order and make sure none of the horses drink contaminated water.

Darby's friend Cade has even bigger worries. His mother, Dee, hasn't been seen since the storm. With no other leads, Darby and Cade set out in search of Honi, Dee's beloved pony. But even if they can find Honi, will she be able to take them to Dee?

Snowfire by Terri Farley
(Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island Series #9)

Black Lava and his herd have been driven up to Sky Mountain to keep them away from polluted water. But there's only room for one lead horse on the mountain, and Snowfire, the white stallion, has already claimed it as his own.

Sure enough, Darby soon sees Snowfire chase Black Lava onto ranch lands. Her horse charmer sense tells her the Crimson Vale herd needs to return home or desperation will lead Black Lava into more danger. Between finals at school and an upcoming rodeo, everyone is too busy to listen to Darby's fears. Can Darby help Snowfire and Black Lava before their battle turns deadly?

Summer Pony by Jean Doty

Ginny has always dreamed of having her very own pony, so when her parents agree to rent her a pony for the summer, Ginny is thrilled! But when Mokey arrives, she is shaggy, dirty, and half-starved–not at all what Ginny had in mind. 

Can Ginny still have the summer of her dreams?