Friday, June 28, 2013

Pirates Took Over the the Summer Reading Program This Week

Did you miss the Summer Reading Program this week? Everyone that attended had a chance to be a pirate for the day and search for buried treasure at the library. I'm sure you're wondering what kind of treasure the kids dug up. Let's just say that the kids walked away with a variety of fun little treasures.

When the kids arrived, they put on their pirate hats, which were donated courtesy of Long John Silver's of Huntsville, and eye patches we made especially for the event. It was nice to see all the smiles on the children's faces after several months of preparation. It was well worth all the additional effort to make this day extremely fun for all that attended.

We created a fun little obstacle course for the kids to go through, beginning with walking the plank. After they walked the plank, they fed the sharks that circled their pirate ships bean-bag fish. It's safe to say they really enjoyed tossing the fish at the sharks. Fun was had by all! Next they moved on to the pirates secret cave in search of the buried treasure. When they crawled out of the cave's exit, they immediately found the bountiful treasure we had waiting for them. The digging began and ended with BIG smiles. Everyone walked away with plenty of treasures.

Here's a look at what the children experienced this week.

Watch out for the alligators surrounding the plank.

 Feeding the Sharks

Hungry sharks 

Enter the cave if you dare

Exiting the cave in search of gold

X marks the spot

Digging up treasure

Stop by next Wednesday from 10:00 - 11:00am and join in the fun. It's sure to be another exciting day.