Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Reading Program -- Worms and Their Habitat

The Summer Reading Program is off to a great start. This year's theme, as many of you know, is 'Dig Into Reading.' The Friends of the Library, as well as library volunteers, have put together an exciting program this year covering different aspects of our theme. This week, we learned about worms and their habitats. The children had a great time learning about worms; what they eat as well as what they need to survive in their habitat.

Laura W. is our amazing summertime storyteller. Several stories were shared with the children about animals that dig, such as The Diary of a Worm.

Hands-on learning is as big of a part of the summer reading program as getting the children to check out books beginning their road to becoming avid readers.

Sally and Brenda introduced the kids to worm farming using a worm bin as a show-and-tell this week. Each child was able to see how a worm habitat is made. They located worms in a mound of dirt, recognized the different items that were blended in with the dirt such as avocado seeds, newspaper, tea bags, banana peels, and much more. It was interesting to see how the kids reacted to the wiggly worms crawling out of the dirt pile towards them. Even though some of the kids said it was kind of yucky they were all too quick to jump right back into the excitement.

Here's a look at this week's activities.

 The worms

Learning about worms

Digging for worms

Preparing newspaper for the worm habitat

Adding food to the habitat 

Next Wednesday is pirate week! Stop by and join in the hunt for buried treasure at the library. There's no telling what you might dig up.